December 2021 – Support for medical research projects
November 2021 – Registration to Unione Industriali of Tourin
1 March 2022
Jenuary 2022 – Commissioning of a DREAMS for a Mirafiori transmission test bench
1 March 2022

As every year, Control Sistem has decided to support those who are fighting to help us all to overcome critical health conditions and therefore to contribute, on the occasion of the Christmas holidays and beyond, to support research projects in the medical field.
Control Sistem has therefore contributed to finance the creation, within the ASL City of Turin, of a laboratory (FibroLab) dedicated to the advanced study of the mechanisms of development of fibrosis, the process that leads many patients with kidney disease to terminal kidney failure.
The project is based on voluntary donations, equal to ours, and on funds obtained from clinical trials of the Nephrology and Dialysis-CMID University Complex of the Hub San Giovanni Bosco hospital, to which the School of Medicine of the University of Turin has attributed the designation of Center of Excellence for Nephrological, Rheumatological and Rare Diseases. The initiative is supported by the non-profit association CMID, founded with the aim of supporting research activities, which will donate all proceeds from donations to the purchase of equipment for the FibroLab Laboratory.
ASSOCIAZIONE CMID, sede via Cernaia 24 10122, Torino IBAN: IT75P0853001000000260107586

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