CVS – Constant Volume Sampler

CVS proposed by Control Sistem is a product complete with both hardware and software components, able to sample and dilute the exhaust gases generated by an internal combustion engine. It can be used to test both diesel and spark ignition engines.
CVS complies with all the main European and American regulations, allowing their use both for research and development and for homologation purposes. The exhaust gas is diluted with filtered air in order to reduce its temperature, but, at the same time, avoiding to create condensation in the tunnel. The filters used are very high efficiency HEPA type.

The CVS created by Control Sistem uses a volumetric pump as a suction device, useful for maintaining a homogeneous and constant flow of diluted exhaust gases. This strategy allows to adapt the flow rate according to the engine or vehicle under test, thus allowing to optimize the dilution factor for the purpose of better control the temperature and concentration of pollutants.

The system is equipped with a heated cabinet which can hold up to 4 bags for dilution air sampling and up to 8 bags for diluted gas sampling (4 bags for spark ignition engines and 4 bags for diesel engines). In order to avoid contamination of the gases, CVS is able to automatically carry out a bag cleaning procedure before sampling. At the end of the test both the diluted gas and the dilution air can be sent to the gas analysers.

CVS is also equipped with a gravimetric particulate sampling system very similar to the PSS-20, but tailor-made to be integrated into the CVS.

All CVS operations are managed by means of an easy and intuitive software, created in the INT9000 development environment. CVS application also allows you to save all the relevant system data (temperatures, pressures, flow rates, volumes, etc.) on simple ASCII files. The system can be completely remotely controlled, using the AK protocol through a RS232 or TCP/IP connection.


- User-friendly software
- Variable dilution factor
- It can be used with a wide range of engines (light duty, heavy duty, diesel, spark ignition)
- Compliant with the main European and American regulations

Application field

- Emission tests
- Homologation
- Consumption and endurance tests
- Research and development

Standard di riferimento

ISO 8178
Directive 2008/74/EC
Directive 2005/78/EC
Directive 2005/55/EC
Directive 2004/26/EC
EPA 40 CFR 1065
EPA 40 CFR 1066
EPA 40 CFR 86
UN/ECE no.83
UE 2017/1151

  • Maximum flow rate for light-duty 20 m3/min
  • Maximum flow rate for heavy-duty 1.200 m3/min
  • Air dilution filter active carbon + HEPA (H13 class)
  • Air dilution sampling bags from 1 to 4
  • Diluted gas sampling bags from 2 to 8 (diesel/spark ignition engines)
  • Mixing (minimum Raynolds number) 4.000
  • Particulate sampling system 1, 2 or 3 filter holders
  • Remote control RS232 or TCP/IP with AK protocol