Automation system for chassis-dyno test benches

Dynosaur is the automation architecture for chassis-dyno test benches, consisting of a supervision system able to communicate with and control the subsystems that make up the automation structure and an application able to directly interface with the rollers.

Dynosaur is mainly compoesd of two automation modules:
- DBSro(Dynamic Brake System rolls): automation drawer that handles the complete management of the roller processes (movement, reading of vehicle strength, realization of RLS, regulation mode, cycle execution, wind speed control, safety, etc.)
- CSrolls(Control Sistem rolls): it is the sovereign mind of the whole system; it has access to and manages data and processes in charge at other locations.

The automation developed by Control Sistem allows you to have a single automation architecture for the test bench, consisting of individual modular components based on PLC and characterized by such flexibility as to guarantee the communication with the other automation systems on the market.

All of this was possible thanks to the evolution of the INT9000 development environment in synergy with the best PLCs on the market. INT9000 is a real-time software created internally in Control Sistem, extremely flexible and obviously easy to use.

Control Sistem's experience in the automotive testing sector has led to the development of intelligent automation systems for rolling road testing rooms

This was made possible mainly by the evolution of the INT9000 development environment in synergy with the best PLCs on the market. INT9000 is a real-time software created by Control Sistem in-house, which is extremely flexible, and of course easy to use and that form the basis on which all DYNOSAUR system applications are implemented. INT9000 symbolises a diary of the experience accumulated by Control Sistem over the years spent in designing this type of system. This automation system represents a common platform for all the rolling road test bench rooms built by Control Sistem: in this way, the customer can benefit from all the hardware and software developments developed in a policy of continuous updating and improvement of the installations. Upon request, Control Sistem can organise training and instruction courses both in a classroom and directly on site, enabling the customer to carry out the planned activities in the shortest possible time.

CSrolls – Control Sistem rolls

CSrolls is the automation component able to manage any aspect of the test bench, starting from the regulation mode of the rollers (constant speed, constant force, RLS).

The application is installed on the test cell PC and the typical INT9000 user-friendly interface allows engineers and operators to fully and intuitively exploit all its available functions and to perform the main homologation and development cycles.

The application also allows the storage of the parameters of the vehicles to be tested, such as the mass and the dynamic coefficients of the road equation. This defines the configuration files that the user can fill in and recall each time the vehicle is placed on the rollers.

One of the most important features of CSrolls is the allowing the calibration of the test bench by means the coast-down procedure and checking its compliance with the times and forces obtained.

CSrolls ability to manage is also manifested in terms of test cell safety: the application allows the user to set limit values and alarm thresholds with consequent safety actions.

DBSro – Dynamic Braking System rolls

DBSeg is the automation unit charge of completely control the processes related to the electric motors and the rollers, manage their safety and the regulation mode (V = K, F = K, RLS).

The unit consists of a 19” rack mainly consisting of the control electronics and a front panel pc with touchscreen technology, which allows the operator to easily modify the main braking system control parameters and monitor the main variables of interest (force, speed, etc.).

DBSro can be interfaced with the upper automation system, both through digital/analog signals and via Modbus Ethernet protocol.

Driver AID

Driver AID is a component included in Dynosaur automation system and useful for performing emission cycles with a human driver on board the vehicle.

The hardware of Driver AID is simply composed of a monitor suitably positioned inside the test cell, on which the driver can view the cycle speed trace and consequently drive the vehicle on the rollers. During the driving, the tolerance bands, imposed by the legislative regulations for each driving cycle, are also emphasized.

The system includes the definition of the main European, American and Japanese emission cycles (ECE + EUDC, WLTP, FTP, Highway, etc.). It is also possible to define new driving cycles in a simple and intuitive way.

CSrolls – Control Sistem rolls
  • Complete management of the chassis-dyno
  • Identification of the vehicle under test through its constructive parameters and road equation coefficients
  • Automatic execution of the main homologation cycles
  • Real time graphic visualization of the main monitoring variables
  • Choice of the regulation mode of the braking system (V=K, F=K, RLS)
  • Chassis-dyno calibration through coast-down procedure
  • Monitoring and control of the driving wind

DBSro – Dynamic Braking System rolls
  • Complete management of the braking system
  • Interface with any electric motor
  • Interface with any supervision system:
    - Analog/digital signals
    - Modbus Ethernet protocol
  • Local or Remote control mode
  • Choice of the regulation mode of the braking system (V=K, F=K, RLS)
  • Setting of the main chassis-dyno parameters
  • Management of the braking system safety (alarms, alarms thresholds, safety actions, etc.)