DREAMS – Autodriving System

DREAMS - Driving Robot EAsy Movable System

Automation system for rolling road bench test rooms

The DREAMS Autopilot consists of a system aimed at the automatic driving of vehicles positioned on a Powertrain test bench. It is mainly composed of an anthropomorphic robot that deals with the gear lever movement and a pedal-box which is in charge of the vehicle pedals handling. Everything is governed by an automation system, built in the INT9000 environment, through which it is possible to configure the system according to the vehicle to be driven and the driving style to be obtained and then prepare DREAMS to perform any driving cycle.

The use of an anthropomorphic robot with six degrees of freedom makes it possible to faithfully replicate the gear lever management made by a human arm; while the vehicle pedals can be easily connected to a pedal-box, through the use of quick couplings.

The system installation on a vehicle can be carried out by a single operator, without it being necessary to make mechanical adjustments to the car. The flexibility of the robot, suitably exploited by the system management software, allows the control of all types of transmission (automatic, manual and sequential).

The robot is positioned on the passenger seat by means of simple fixing straps. The driver's seat is free, so as to facilitate any type of maneuver by the operator. The pedal-box is simply placed on the vehicle floor.

The system, in order to drive, needs the vehicle speed signal only, therefore it is not mandatory to have the engine rpm information.

The system can be optionally equipped for:
- work in a climatic cell, with temperatures between -30 ° C and + 60 ° C
- automatically manage vehicle on/off


• Veichles emmissions test over chassi-dyno
• Durability and accumulation tests
• Fuel consumption measure and reduction tests
• R&D tests

Gear lever control

• Automatic search for shift positions (optional)
• Load cell for wrist strength control (optional)
• Release the gear lever after shifting

Transmission types

• Traditional manual gearbox with various gears
• Automatic gearbox
• Sequential change


• Easy to use interface
• Autonomously and intuitively definition of driving cycles

Driving Cycles

• High driving repeatability
• High precision in following the cycle profile
• Driving styles freely programmable

  • Control cabinet weight about 60 kg
  • Pedalbox weight about 10 kg
  • Power supply 230 VAC
  • Temperature range from 5 to 40 °C (from -40 to +60 °C with climatic option)
  • Average quadratic error on WLTC cycle > 1,3
  • Inertial Work Rating on WLTC cycle between -2 and +4
  • Distance travelled error on WLTC cycle < 0,02%
  • Vehicle speed required analog signal or pulse input
  • Start/stop from external automation digital input
  • Communication AK protocol, RS232 or Ethernet TCP/IP