Concept and design of technological solutions in Turin

Control Sistem is one of the leading companies in the development of Testing Facilities solutions for the Automotive industry

Conception and design
of engineering solution
in Turin

Control Sistem is one of the leader company in creation of Testing Facilities solution for the Automotive industry.

Engineering expertise and custom solutions

Control Sistem is an engineering reality dedicated to industrial automation and it is a leading producer of Testing Facility solutions for the Automotive sector.
The experience and the products of Control Sistem offer solutions able to address any aspect related to vehicle and engine tests, thus guaranteeing a 360 ° service for the main customers in the sector.

The range of products offered typically finds its realization in environments such as: Engine Test Cells – Rolls Test Cells – Transmission Test Cells – Altitude simulation – Automation software development.

Control Sistem also develops in-house a specialized management software, which is the protagonist of the entire test process, together with the other elements of the Testing chain. Control Sistem solutions are designed to be completely independent from the rest of the system or, thanks to the ability to communicate with other devices, to be integrated within an existing one.

The great technical and entrepreneurial competence gained in more than 20 years of activity in the Automotive sector has allowed Control Sistem to learn the "know how" necessary to create turnkey engineering solutions that meet customers' technical specifications, always demonstrating versatility and innovation in realization of any project. The proven experience in the sector has allowed the company to work for the best vehicle manufacturers in Italy and in the world, always with positive results.

Flexibility is the true strength of Control Sistem, which designs and manufactures custom solutions based on customer specifications or develops them in collaboration with the client. A versatility that has become a fundamental plus in the development of each project..

80s Birth of Control Sistem. The new company acquired the pre-existing Tecnoimel company, which traded in the field of industrial electrical plant engineering and process control systems, and then entered the automotive testing sector by producing test benches for heavy-duty diesel vehicles, thanks to the creation of the software development department.

90sControl Sistem extended its operations towards the construction of test systems and benches that can be used for testing automotive components. Several rolling road test benches for vehicle testing were built, a control software was developed and several turnkey installations were completed. The company became a member of the EU Committee for International Standards ISO/TC22/SC5 WG2, a leader in monitoring particulate emissions coming from diesel engines.

00s Control Sistem adopted a new business strategy by introducing the particulate sampling system (PSS-20) to the Swedish and UK markets. It deepened its expertise and experience in the field of road simulations on rolling road test benches. A further step was the construction of test rooms for gearboxes and transmissions.

10s The first prototype of an altitude simulation system (EACS) was built and received official approval from the European Patent Office, which recognised the innovativeness of this solution compared to traditional solutions for altitude testing. Control Sistem invested in a Test Centre to be able to provide a complete RDE service, allowing very precise simulation of what happens on the road, but guaranteeing the typical repeatability of the laboratory.


Providing innovative solutions with high technological and engineering content

Flexibility, efficiency and quality are the foremost corporate objectives. The main goal is to create tailor-made Testing Facilities for the customer, providing a 360° service with a wide and specialised range of operations.

Control Sistem is an entrepreneurial reality guided by solid values, built day after day in synergy with workers and customers.

Concrete company values and a strong motivation of growing have led the company to place itself as one of the market leaders, for a success in the sector that has lasted for over 20 years.

Control Sistem has a deep sense of responsibility towards customers, it realizes qualified projects with high technological content.
The relationship with the internal staff is a key element in corporate ethics: the great motivation of all the staff contributes to create a profitable and productive business climate.
Finally, the totally independent financial status creates a solidity and a security that promote entrepreneurial choices and investments in Research and Development.

parallax background

Professionality, experience e specialization


The company makes use of the best specialists in the sector, with a multidisciplinary team that guarantees experience, creativity and innovative thinking.

The solid network of project management, as a support for every professional solution, allows Control Sistem to face every new idea with the necessary organizational system, with a view to the complete development of the projects, from engineering to final realization.

The company employs the best specialists in the field, with a multidisciplinary team that guarantees experience, creativity and innovative thinking. The strong project management network, as a support for any professional solution, allows us to tackle any new idea with the required organisational structure, with a view to complete development of projects, from engineering to final implementation. Experience is a fundamental plus for Control Sistem: a staff with more than twenty years of technical and engineering expertise is a guarantee of professionalism and cutting-edge know-how.