Rolling road test bench for motorbikes

Rolling road test bench system for motorbike testing with automation system and user-friendly interface

The chassis-dyno test benches made by Control Sistem are designed to ensure the execution of any type of test, such as emissions, duration, performance tests, etc..
Robec is the test bench designed to test motorcycles. From the mechanical point of view, it is mainly composed of a roller and an electric motor controlled by a regenerative inverter and by the locking system of the front wheel.
Like any bench made by Control Sistem, Robec is equipped with its own automation system characterized by a user-friendly interface, which allows the operator to perform any driving cycle with a human driver on board the motorcycle.

The system is mainly composed of a roller mechanically connected to an electric motor, which acts as a braking module and which is controlled by a regenerative inverter. The latter guarantees an extremely low energy consumption./p>

The roller is provided with a surface coating, useful to optimize the friction coefficient between the roller itself and the tire, in order to simulate the condition of the wheel on the asphalt.

In addition to a high rigidity steel frame, the bench is supplied with a rear anchor point and with a front wheel locking system, which is also able to manage motorcycles equipped with two front wheels. The front locking system can be moved on a metal rail, so that motorcycles with different longitudinal lengths can be anchored.

Robec is also equipped with an automation system able to manage all the components of the test bench. The intelligence of the automation system is mainly based on PLC processors and on the INT9000 real-time software development environment.

The automation system is synthetically composed of an automation drawer (DBSro) able to manage the electric motor and consequently the behaviour of the roller, the Driver AID system which allows the driver to follow the speed profile of the test cycle and a management application (CSroll) supervising every aspect of the bench and the test parameters.

  • Roller diameter 23” (584 mm)
  • Maximum load per axle 1.000 kg
  • Torque meter (full scale) 2.000 Nm
  • Torque meter accuracy < 0,1% of f.s.
  • Working temperature range from 5 to 60 °C